Library 2.0

Understanding the public library, its changing role and evolution, is a complex, manifold field of Library Sciences. Yet, the public library is as well a building that embodies mission, aspirations and evolutions of the institution. It is the physical interface between the institution and the people; its design is the interpretation and representation of the societal values of our times, projected into the future.

The main research question in this proposal is: what architectural design is able to synthetize and represent the re-invention of the branch library for the urban structure of Rotterdam? Design is the appropriate investigation method to explore this issue. In fact, the design of the branch library of the future cannot be deduced by relationships of causality (proper of 'traditional' science) but by relationships of conditionality (typical of design) which refer to the investigation of possible futures (De Jong, 1992). In this proposal, the design approach to research includes an iterative process of reflection and decision in which the made choices and the modalities of thought are documented and made explicit.

dr. Olindo Caso
ir. Daisy Koppendraaier
ir. Joran Kuijper